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Giving Yourself a Pubic Hair Trim

You’ve heard of trimming your hair at a salon, but did you also know that you should give yourself a pubic hair trim? It’s true, and it is becoming quite important to people to do so on a regular basis. It used to be that we were very content in letting our pubic hair grow naturally and doing nothing about it when it arrived. Nowadays, people are more active in keeping themselves groomed and looking great, so it just natural that it includes pubic hair as well.

Pubic hair trimmers used to be few and far between, only being sold in sex stores or online almost because it was an embarrassment. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore however. Trimming pubic hair is common and more people want other options than a razor. Pubic hair trimmers are great for trimming the close quarters of your genital area without worrying about nicking yourself in the wrong area which can bring on serious pain if you happen to hit a sensitive spot.

For women you will most likely see it advertised as a bikini trimmer. There is always a complete guide of how to trim pubic hair, but you probably won’t need it, as it is very simple. It is set up like a beard clipper, usually with adjustable lengths between 5 and 9mm. It is curved to reach usually unreachable areas with a razor, and it is pain free. The blades are small to avoid any cuts or nicks. You can take your pubic hair trimmers to just the bikini area or you can use them to give yourself a fabulous pubic hair design. If you can’t find a bikini trimmer or a pubic hair trimmer, then you can certainly try a male beard clipper but just make sure you find the right one. You need a trimmer with attachments so you can shave smaller areas for a beautiful look.

For men, besides the normal beard or bikini trimmer that they can use, there is also a product called the ball trimmer. It is set up almost like a short comb with blades so that you can simply “comb” your testicles without causing any friction or irritation that you may get with a regular trimmer because of the back and forth motion that you need to use. Beard trimmers are also a bit more heavy, and awkward, making the whole process seem difficult. Ball trimmers or pubic hair trimmers are a much better choice for men.

Trimming pubic hair can make you feel cleaner and more beautiful. For women there is nothing sexier than having your man be pleasantly surprised when he sees what you have to offer, especially if it is naughty design, and for men, women love the fact that they can spend more time without becoming entangled in the massive amounts of hair. Even if you just do it for yourself, there is no better feeling.