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Finding the Right Pubic Hair Styles for You

There was a time when hair styles were just meant for the hair on the top of your head, but as the years go by and people feel more comfortable with themselves pubic hair styles are becoming more important to people. It is a way of expressing yourself that makes you feel daring and just a little bit secretive.

Pubic hair styling can be done in many different ways now. Gone are the days where you are happy with letting your hair run free, now more people want to add a little spice to an area that was rarely even talked about. Some people like to stick with the age old tradition of using scissors, a razor, or trimmers. Shaving your pubic hair will give you much more elaborate designs, but requires a good deal of maintenance. Now, there is an actual pubic hair shaver which might makes it easier to get the most popular designs, but still others like to have it done professionally through waxing. The results may be painful, but worth it once you see the final product.

Pubic hair styles for men tend to lean towards the removal of it through waxing or shaving but there are some men who want to be a little bold with their look. Pubic hair styles for women are much more detailed and the range of what women can do is unbelievable. The most popular pubic hair styles for women are the landing strip, the heart, and the triangle patch, but there are so many to choose from. You could go with the always popular lightening bolt, diamond patch, or many women’s personal favorite, the arrow that leaves nothing to the imagination as to where you want your partner to go.

You need to go with what you feel comfortable with, and hopefully what your partner will enjoy looking at. There are low maintenance pubic hair styles as well as very high maintenance pubic hair styles. If you are a person who wants your pubic hair to look great, with very little upkeep you should stick to something like the Bikini bottom, the happy trail, or the Lolita which is as innocent as it is pubescent. The smooth look is the way to go if you want the upkeep to be as simple as shaving every few days. Get your creative juices flowing; choose something that you can express yourself with. Think of pubic hair styling like a work of art, it doesn’t always have to be the same, but it will always be something that people enjoy looking at.