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Opening Your Mind to Pubic Hair Design

Pubic hair design has become more than just a look; it has become pubic hair art. There are so many designs out there from naughty to the nice, sexy to the simple, and daring to the downright sinful. Most people agree that this is where the fun really begins.

By now you have probably heard of the simple but effective pubic hair landing strip, the heart, and the triangle, but why not try for something a little wicked. You could go for the always kissable lip pubic hair design to add a little spice, or a smiley face for something more fun. Pubic hair art can be entertaining to both parties if done the right way.

Other pubic hair designs include directional symbols such as the arrow that points down which just by itself says so much. Try a star or a moon pubic hair design if you are more of a celestial person. You may even want to try pubic hair art that includes your own design. After preparing your genitals for shaving by trimming down the natural hair, use a colored eyeliner pencil to draw in something that you want to see. Maybe that could be a footprint, a lightning bolt, or something else that sizzles.

Many sex stores, online stores, or pubic hair design stores sell ready made templates. If you are lucky you can find a pubic hair artist to customize the exact template that you want. The templates give you edges to work with, so that you can shave or wax around the template. It may take a little getting used to but you will find that it is worth it for the ooh’s and ahh’s you will get from your partner.

There are some salons that will do a template pubic hair design if you want it, but you should provide them with the exact template as they may not be familiar with what you want done. This service is usually done as a bikini or Brazilian wax and shouldn’t cost more than the average service does. It helps to take it to a professional because they are more experienced with pubic hair art and are more skilled in general then if you tried it yourself. Going to a professional is essential if you want something more than a pubic hair design, such as words. They are incredibly difficult to do yourself.

No matter what pubic hair design you get, it will require maintenance so plan on keeping the template or opt for trying something different when the hair grows back in. Even if you only get one design it is sure to make you feel like a sex goddess for at least a little while.