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Grooming Pubic Hair Is an Age Old Tradition

It’s true; the idea of grooming pubic hair is an old one. It is documented that ancient Egyptians shaved and groomed down there, probably to prevent or treat lice infestations which isn’t the reason it happens today, but they did it. In the 1500’s the European women were in the habit of grooming pubic hair and then wearing a pubic toupee over it. Times have certainly changed, but grooming pubic hair is still setting trends everywhere.

Personal grooming has become a culturally accepted practice, as well as an art form. Grooming comes in many different forms, almost as a statement about your style or personal life choices. It may be that you’re modest and want a little trim but nothing too outlandish so you may go with just a bikini wax or a fan look. If you are more than just a little naughty you may want to go with a look that has a bit of a sexual charge. Either way personal grooming down there is a style that should be all your own.

Men are also beginning to enjoy grooming their pubic hair. They may not always enjoy the actual event, especially if they are going in for the wax treatment, but the outcome pleases them immensely. They used to think it was just for porn stars, but women became very opinionated and started to tell men how much they enjoyed the appearance and the cleanliness of the groomed look. Men listened because they would never want to alienate a willing woman.

If you are wondering how to groom pubic hair, the answer is simple although the variety of ways to groom down there is diverse. You could start with your basic razor. For women this is an easy way to groom, but may produce stubble, burns, or irritations such as red bumps that make it uncomfortable. Men use razors more often than women to complete their personal grooming, because it is just easier to take it all off. For designs or a pubic hair cut you need to work with trimmers, either beard or biking styles that can help you achieve a groomed look without as much maintenance as the razor. As stated before you can always go with the wax treatment which should be done professionally. There is no denying that it hurts, but it lasts longer than regular shaving and gives you much more of a smooth, bare look.

No matter which way you choose to start, grooming pubic hair is a trend and one that will not go away anytime soon. Grooming pubic hair is not only a way to feel better, but will ensure sexual success in the bedroom.